Diesel Mechanic Training & Information

Congratulations on taking the first step on the road to your new career as a diesel mechanic! With the continued growth in the industry, you are entering into a field that has a constant demand for diesel mechanics!

Diesel Mechanic

diesel mechanic gets paid to perform inspections, repairs and to overhaul anything that uses a diesel engine. Because of the efficiency and durability of a diesel engine, they have long been held as the industry standard as the workhorse in charge of powering many commercial vehicles, such as buses, trucks and heavy vehicles like construction equipment. This is a big reason behind the constant demand for quality diesel mechanics in the diesel service industry.

The majority of diesel mechanics employed today work for private companies focusing on maintaining equipment used in general freight trucking.  No matter which part of the world you may live in, there will always be a demand for inspecting, repairing and overhauling anything that uses a diesel engine as its engine platform.

Diesel Mechanic Job Description

While there are many types of vehicles that use the diesel engine, the diesel service technician can expect a fair amount of regularity in the duties for which they need to perform. The diesel mechanic who helps maintain a fleet of freight trucks will most likely perform similar duties as the diesel mechanic who helps maintain their local area school buses.

Typical Duties for diesel service mechanics and technicians include:

  • Perform routine inspections, checking all integral systems, mechanisms and parts of vehicles for issues.
  • Perform test drives to help diagnose issues and to help confirm any successful repairs made to a vehicle.
  • Utilize computer equipment, diagnostic tools and gauges to help read and interpret diagnostic tests.
  • Perform routine maintenance, to ensure vehicles are in top notch condition for use.
  • Use power tools and hand held tools to take apart, repair, and reassemble vehicle equipment and parts.

    The following will give you more information about the job description for someone employed in the diesel service field.
  • Diesel Mechanic Jobs

    As we mentioned before, there is a constant demand for diesel mechanics no matter where you may live. As long as you meet the qualifications and have completed proper training (training requirements may depend on specific regional regulations, as well as employer preference), you have an excellent chance of getting hired.

    The opportunities are wide open in the diesel service industry. You will have the option to open up your own shop, work for a private company and even work for the government maintaining vehicles powered by diesel engines.

    Diesel Mechanic Training

    While it’s not a requirement, ​earning a certificate or a diploma in diesel engine repair is the recommended way in becoming a diesel mechanic. Employers are always on the lookout for diesel technicians who have completed post secondary training programs in diesel engine repair. These programs are usually provided by technical and community colleges, and can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

    These program courses provide a good mix of traditional classroom learning combined with hands-on training to assist students in gaining the most from their education on diesel engine repair. Many employers will hire diesel mechanic students while they are still in school, and in this way they provide an informal way for a diesel mechanic to learn the job.

    Along with learning practical applications for diesel engine repair, you can expect to be taught how to read and make sense of technical manuals and electronic diagnostic reports. With the continued efforts of technology, you can expect continued learning throughout the course of your career, as advances in techniques and technology will offer up opportunities for continued learning.

    ASE Diesel Mechanic Certification

    After completing the diesel engine repair courses, you will receive a certificate or degree to celebrate your new found skill set! Certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is also available to a diesel service technician. While not required, certification from ASE has long been held as the industry standard for showcasing a diesel mechanics credentials, competence and value to their employer.

    A diesel mechanic must have a minimum of at least 2 years work experience, and to have passed one or more tests from ASE to receive ASE certification. After that, the diesel mechanic is required to pass the test again every 5 years.

    Diesel Mechanic Commercial Driver's License

    Many employers require their diesel service technicians and mechanics to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), since many jobs require test driving to diagnose or to confirm any repairs involved on a vehicle. Each individual state is responsible for developing their own tests following guidelines set up by the Federal government.

    You can expect to have to take a knowledge tests, and you must correctly answer 80 percent or more of the questions to pass that part. Upon completion of the written portion of the test, you will need to take a skills test in a vehicle that accurately represents the type of vehicle you will be expected to operate.