Diesel Mechanic Training in Michigan

Being a diesel mechanic is not an easy job. It is physically demanding but it also pays well. While in certain locations obtaining a certification gives you an edge, in the state of Michigan, it is required. In fact, you cannot work in the field unless you have a diesel mechanic certification in Michigan.

What You Need to Know About
Diesel Mechanic Certification in Michigan

Having an ASE diesel mechanic certification does not make you automatically state-certified. You must take the State exam to receive diesel mechanic certification in Michigan to perform repair duties for compensation. So if you are planning on working or moving to Michigan for mechanic job opportunities, learn the requirements first. Consider the following pieces of information on how you can become licensed or receive diesel mechanic certification in Michigan. Mechanics should either be certified or hold a permit.

There are only two occasions by which an individual can perform mechanic duties in Michigan.

One is to have a diesel mechanic certification in Michigan.

The other is is to obtain a trainee permit.

The validity of the trainee permit however, has an expiration date. It is only recognized for two years. And mechanics with this permit should only perform repair duties as stated in the permit. Once it expires, a mechanic cannot renew it. He only has two options.

One, he can take the test for diesel mechanic certification in Michigan.

Two, he can stop working as a mechanic altogether.

This is strictly followed. In case of any violation with regard to the use of the trainee permit, the Bureau of Regulatory Services may either suspend or revoke the permit. Even mechanics with a trainee permit should conform to the accepted standards in the repair industry. Otherwise, necessary actions may be taken.

What to expect from the state of Michigan's Mechanic Exams?

The Bureau of Regulatory Services handles the State mechanic examination. It is a written test which may be taken at any branch of the Secretary of State. There is at least one office branch in every county of Michigan. For further reference, you may use the State Branch Office Locator over the internet. You may also inquire by calling this number, 1-888-SOS-MICH.

What you will need to know:

In preparation for the State exam pertaining to diesel mechanic certification in Michigan, you may use any educational textbook. The state does not offer any recommendation on any single review material. However, you are advised to choose review materials that technical skill centers and colleges use. These textbooks may be obtained from automotive publishers and book stores.

Each branch office does not handle providing test results. The branch is only responsible for the administration of the exam. A fee of $6 applies to each state exam.

There are different categories for motor vehicle repair that requires diesel mechanic certification in Michigan. You must pass the test for each of these repair categories in order to be certified. That is if you wish to perform such services. There are three major categories which include the following and their corresponding sub categories.

Category 1: Automobile and Light Truck Repair

  • Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Brakes and Braking System
  • Collision-Related Mechanical Repair
  • Electrical Systems
  • Engine Tune-Up
  • Engine Repair
  • Front End, Steering and Suspension Systems
  • Manual Transmission
  • Unitized Structural Body Repair
  • Category 2: Heavy-Duty Truck Repair

  • Brakes and Braking System
  • Collision-Related Repair
  • Drive Train
  • Engine Repair
  • Steering and Suspension Systems
  • Category 3: Other On Road Vehicles: RV's, Trailers & Motorcycles

    *List coming*

    If you manage to pass the State test for a specific repair category, you will receive an application of certification that comes with your test results. The form must be filled out with the corresponding fee paid to the Licensing Unit of the Business Licensing and Regulation Division amounting to $25.

    Becoming a Master Diesel Mechanic in Michigan

    If you manage to obtain diesel mechanic certification in Michigan for 8 categories under automobile and light truck repair, you will be considered a Master Automobile mechanic. On the other hand, if you are certified for 6 categories under category B, you will become a Master Heavy-Duty truck mechanic. You will become a specialty mechanic if you meet certain certifications just below the Master mechanic.