Diesel Mechanic Training in Illinois

You do not have to comply with any diesel mechanic certification in Illinois. That is because such a requirement does not exist in the state. So, what does it take to work as a diesel mechanic here?

Is Diesel Mechanic
Certification In Illinois a Major Requirement?

Because of the expected increase in the number of vehicles to be equipped with engines running on diesel, diesel mechanics are in demand. With the growth of the shipping and freight industry all over the country, individuals involved in diesel engine repair see a bright future ahead. And one of the most favorable areas to work at as a diesel mechanic is Illinois. Unlike other states, there is no required diesel mechanic certification in Illinois.

While other states such as Michigan and New York are quite strict with their licensing and certification rules for diesel mechanics, you do not have to comply with any diesel mechanic certification in Illinois. That is because such a requirement does not exist in the state. So, what does it take to work as a diesel mechanic here?

What you need to become a Diesel Mechanic in Illinois

There are three basic things you need in order to become qualified for this profession.

  1. First, you need to be physically prepared and ready for the rather demanding job. 
  2. Second, you need to complete relevant education.
  3. And third, you must obtain experience or on the job training.

The natural abilities you to need to pass up as a diesel mechanic include:

  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Manual dexterity or excellent hand and eye coordination
  • Technical aptitude
  • Troubleshooting or problem solving skills
  • Customer service or people skills

  • There are basically two ways by which you can join this profession. One, you can learn on the job through apprenticeship. Two, you can obtain a relevant education. And while diesel mechanic certification in Illinois may not be required, it will be your advantage to take one.

    The state does not have specific licensing exams as a prerequisite for the job but it does recognize ASE certification. And it is essential for furthering your career as a diesel mechanic.

    What is the  ASE?

    ASE or Automotive Service Excellence is meant to help customers identify which mechanics are skilled and competent and which are not. The ASE was established with the goal of improving mechanic services and maintaining high quality standards in this industry. To date, the number of mechanics that is registered and certified with ASE is close to about half a million.

    ASE administers over 40 different examinations under several categories. Such categories include automobile, bus, trucks, parts specialists, engine machinists, collision repair, fuels technician, auto service consultants and many others. If you want to advance your career in diesel technology, it is a must that you subject yourself to this voluntary diesel mechanic certification in Illinois.

    How to take the Diesel Mechanic certification in Illinois

    Before you can obtain ASE certification, you must meet the mark for at least one test category. It is also required that you provide necessary documentation to provide as proof or your experience, at least two years is required.

    For starters, you can visit the ASE Official Website. You can refer to the site for registration and exam schedules. You may also opt to register online.

    To register, you need to choose your specialized or preferred field of study or category. There are about 40 categories to choose from. In the absence of relevant education, you may make up for training and experience.

    Registration fee may cost about $36 per individual. Additional fees may also apply. And the amount shall depend on the kind of the test you are considering to take. You shall receive an admission ticket after or within a two weeks time.

    You may also choose the test location from the site. ASE tests for diesel mechanic certification in Illinois can be taken at least two times a year. The tests are offered in different locations within the state of Illinois including the following:






    Chicago Heights

    Crystal Lake


    East Chicago

    East Peoria


    Glendale Heights



    Loves Park


    Mount Vernon


    Orland Park




    Sugar Grove

    River Forest

    Red Bud