Diesel Mechanic Training in Hawaii

Hawaii also sets strict guidelines with regard to the practice of this profession. Beginning from July 1, 1976, only those who have undergone and passed the test for diesel mechanic certification in Hawaii can be registered holding such position.

What is Required for
Diesel Mechanic Certification in Hawaii?

Before an individual can work as a mechanic, a certification may be required depending on state rules. Otherwise, an individual has to be under the direct supervision of a certified mechanic to be able to perform the job without violation of the state rules.

Nevertheless, the title is reserved only for those who successfully pass the certification test. Only the following individuals can perform repair work for motor vehicles:

  • certified diesel mechanic
  • certified motor vehicle repair dealer
  • employee of a certified diesel mechanic
  • An individual who has undergone diesel mechanic training can select from various areas of certification. He may choose from any of the following specialties. Those interested in automotive repair can choose from eight specialties including automatic transmission, brakes, engine, electrical systems, heating and air-conditioning, steering and suspension, manual drive axles and train, and tune-up.

    Those with interest in truck repair may choose to specialize in any of the following areas: brakes, diesel engines, drive train, electrical systems, suspension and steering. Diesel mechanic certification in Hawaii for motorcycle and motor scooter repair is also available. Each of these specialization areas has a corresponding certification test.

    How to qualify for the test:

    Before a diesel mechanic trainee will be allowed to take the test, there are qualifications that must be met. First, an individual must have at least two years hands on experience working in the areas of refinishing, painting or body repair or as an automotive mechanic. This is the typical route but a two year work experience may also be substituted by a three or four year apprenticeship program upon the approval of the board.

    In place of experience, an applicant must complete any of the following. This will be equivalent to one year out of the two year experience requirement.

  • three years of high school training in body repair, refinishing and painting or automotive repair
  • two years post high school training obtained from either a private or a public trade or technical school, community college, university or from an apprenticeship program
  • An individual may also take a short course as part of post high school training. Two months of an applicant’s training can substitute a month of the required two year work experience.

    When an applicant requests a substitution, he must present proof of the training he received with proper authentication. A copy of the transcript or training statement or a certificate proving the completion of the apprenticeship training should be presented along with the application form and fee. The request for substitution of work experience requirement shall be subject for review by the board.

    What should an applicant expect from the
    Test for Diesel Mechanic Certification in Hawaii?

    This is a written test. However, an oral test may be taken too provided the approval of the board. To take the option, an applicant must submit a written request with full explanation stating the reason. It must be sent to the board thirty days before the test date.

    Applications to take the test for diesel mechanic certification in Hawaii must be submitted with the University of Hawaii. The application for certification along with the other required documents and the corresponding fees must be submitted to UH. It should be sent to the testing agency at least forty five days before the test schedule.

    After passing the test and receiving diesel mechanic certification in Hawaii, a pocket card shall be provided. The certified diesel mechanic must then comply with the prescriptions as provided by the board. For instance, the mechanic must carry the pocket card provided at all times especially during duty work. And it must be ready for inspection if the need arises or upon request.