ASE – Automotive Service Excellence

What is the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence?

The ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) tests and certifies automotive professionals. 

There are currently over 330,000 professionals who hold an ASE certification. These individuals work in every area of the automotive service industry.

When looking for a reputable mechanic for your vehicle makes sure that they have the ASE blue and white insignia logo. This will ensure that they have been certified for the work that they are about to perform.

Finding Reputable Automotive Professionals

ASEAs a vehicle owner, repair is more complicated than ever. Every car introduced to the market is becoming more complex. Technology and diagnostic tools are changing constantly as well. As a result of this ever changing industry it is becoming more difficult to find a knowledgeable and competent repair professional.

The good news is there are over 330,000 automotive professionals throughout the country that have earned ASE certification. This is a benefit to themselves and to their customers.

About the ASE!

ASE is a non-profit, independent organization that has been around since 1972. Since the time the ASE was started the organization has worked to improve vehicle repair quality by testing and providing certification to the professionals working in the auto repair industry.

Vehicle owners can now find ASE certified technicians across the country and rest assured that these individuals will provide them with great service and knowledge about their vehicles.

Repair shops can benefit from earning the Blue Seal of Excellence from the ASE by making sure that all of their employees are certified to work on the vehicles that they specialize in. Auto professionals that are certified will get the recognition and respect that they deserve by working hard to learn more about their industry. Becoming certified requires the mechanic to be fully knowledgeable about their field. This will take time and dedication.

Statistics from the ASE!

The ASE provides a lot of resources for the general public, technicians, and other groups.

Around the country there are hundreds of thousands of professionals working in the auto industry that are certified by ASE in many different areas of specialty.

There are many professionals that are certified in more than one area.

As of the spring of 2013 the following number of professionals was certified by the ASE in these areas:

236,589: Automobile Technicians
16,560: Service Consultants
602: Light/Maintenance repair technicians
38,997: Advanced engine performance specialists
22,524: refinish technicians/collision damage
8,334: collision damage estimators
39,741: medium and heavy truck technicians
2,833: repair technicians and truck equipment installers
1486: engine machinists
2099: compressed natural gas technicians
2993: transit bus technicians
48130: parts specialists