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Our number one goal is to make things as easy and straight forward as possible for you to follow.  Leaving you to focus more on your diesel mechanic career path, and less on what steps come next in your training.

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Wondering Where to Start On Your Diesel Mechanic Journey?

This blog is geared at helping  walk you through the entire process; state specific training requirements, what to expect in the hiring process, common equipment and gear needs, and so much more more. 

Diesel Mechanic Training

Not a requirement, earning a certificate or diploma in diesel engine repair is the ideal way to becoming a diesel mechanic. Employers are always on the lookout for technicians with post-secondary training.

Diesel Engine

The first well-known prototype Diesel engine was built by Rudolf Diesel in 1897 in Germany. Diesel combustion engines work by utilizing extremely compressed hot air to ignite fuel instead of a spark plug.

ASE Certification

The ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) tests and certifies automotive professionals. There are currently over 330,000 professionals who hold an ASE certification.

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